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Allaire Care

Welcome to Allaire Care

Welcome to Allaire Care

Welcome to Allaire CareWelcome to Allaire Care

Frequently Asked questions

What does Allaire Care provide?

Allaire Care provides a structured, daytime program of activities and health services to older adults living in the community. The program can assist families in their effort to provide care for older relatives. Stimulating activities, a friendly supportive atmosphere, and coordinated health services all enhance the quality of life of the participants. State funds are available for those who meet medical and financial qualifications.

Who uses Adult Day Centers?

Adult day centers are designed to serve adults who are physically or cognitively impaired and may require supervision, increased social opportunities, assistance with personal care or other daily living activities to improve their level of functioning and independence.

Are Adult Day Services Regulated?


Adult day service regulations differ from state to state and also by funding source. The Standards and Guidelines for Adult Day Care developed by the National Adult Day Services Association (NADSA), formerly the National Institute on Adult Daycare, of the National Council on the Aging provide important benchmarks for states that have elected to regulate adult day services. Funding sources also define the range of services for which they will pay while an eligible participant is an adult day center.

What Are the Fees Associated with Adult Day Services?

The fees for adult day services vary, depending upon the region of the country. depending upon the services provided and the reimbursement levels where applicable.

Funding for adult day services comes from participant fees as well as public and philanthropic sources. The average cost of a day at an adult day center is often much less than a visit from a home health nurse and about half the cost of skilled nursing facility care. 

We accept Global Options/Medicaid, NJ State Respite Funding, JACC, Veterans Administration Funding and private pay clients.

What Does One Look for When Selecting an Adult Day Center?

A high quality adult day center:

• Conducts an assessment of individuals before admission to determine their range of abilities and needs; 

• Provides an active day program that meets the social, recreational and rehabilitative needs of the impaired adult; 

• Develops an individualized treatment plan for participants and regularly monitors their progress; 

• Provides referrals to other needed services in the community;

• Has clear criteria for service and guidelines for termination of service, based upon the functional status of the person; 

• Provides a full range of in-house services, which may include personal care, transportation, meals, health